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  We all had long months of overtime, sleepless nights, terribly high stress level and very high responsibility pressure. We were carrying the burden of high expectations and the fear of failure on our shoulders. As a result, once in a while, one of us was losing control and breaking into tears with no particular reason。


  Of course, this was an exceptional period. But even in normal working days there are many annoying moments, stressful situations and problems waiting for your solutions. It’s a challenge to keep your high spirit and stay sane in stressful working days。


  Here are some easy tips I used in order to avoid another weeping session in the office bathroom. And guess what? They worked!


  Don’t go to sleep too late – when you don’t get enough sleep at night there is a big chance that you will feel tired and irritated the next day。


  Wake up with a smile – simply convince yourself that it’s going to be a really nice day. In the worst case it won’t, but on the other hand if you start off with a gloomy mood, the day will definitely be terrible. So you’ve got nothing to lose, right?


  Have a mini-work out – I know it’s very difficult to start a work out when you are sleepy and have a busy working day ahead. But have at least 10-15 minutes stretching and you will feel much better。


  Take a shower – this will freshen you up and make you feel completely awake and positive. It will also relax your muscles after the work out。


  Have a healthy breakfast – I have heard this a thousand times and I know it’s true. And I never had breakfast before going to work. That’s very unfortunate because whenever I had unplanned early morning meeting or urgent issue to deal with all I could do was regret that I did not have breakfast. As a result my mood was spoiled。


  Make a to do list – Yes, lists are very important. They help you visualize how much work you have for the day as well as not forget anything. Having your work volume right in front of you will help you implement effective time management。


  Squeeze time for lunch– yes, you are too busy. Yes you do not have time for lunch….but, if you don’t eat when you are hungry, your work will be extremely unproductive and most of it won’t be done anyway。


  Take your laptop to meetings– let’s face it, there are many meetings which are boring and don’t specifically address your projects. There are times when you have urgent burning issues which you can’t solve because of your obligatory presence on that dull meeting. Take your laptop and work on the urgent presentation of yours while they discuss things, which you can read later in filtered meeting minutes。


  Think of the bright spot of the day– I am sure that work is not your whole life. After work you definitely have something nice to do – whether it’s going home and enjoying family, having dinner out, meeting friends or having guests. When things get really bad, think that just in a few hours you will be doing the pleasant thing you have planned for today and it will be easy to carry on。


  Do the most irritating things first – choose the most depressing things from your to do list and do them first. While you have energy you will cope with them easier and you will have less stressful tasks for the rest of the day。

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