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11  Recently the  rise in
phenomenon of
problem of
question of  ... has
11  drawn / aroused public / popular / grave / world-wide attention
caused /aroused wide / general / considerable / international concern
arisen /loomed up /cropped up as controversial /as noteworthy/more
distinctly for settlement

   11.1 Recently, the alarm about the problem of the use of genetic
technologies on human beings have caused wide public concern, and
understandably so. With nuclear energy threatening global catastrophe and
with so many other technological advances visibly damaging the quality of
life, who would wish to have scientists tampering with man's inner nature?
Indeed, fear of such manipulation may amuse even more anxiety than fear of

   11.2 Recently psychologists have found only about two percent of adults
use their creativity, compared with ten percent of seven-year-old children.
When five-year-olds were tested, the result soared to ninety percent! The
findings set off many people thinking. Curiosity and originality are daily
occurrences for the small child, but somehow most of us lose the freedom and (来源:英语学习门户 http://www.EnglishCN.com)
flexibility of the child as we grow older. The need to follow "directions"
and "do-it-right", plus the many societal constraints we put on ourselves,
prevent us from using our creative potential.

12   Recently the  issue
question  of... has been  in the limelight.
brought into focus.
brought to public attention.
posed among the general public.

   12.1 The problem of development vs. environment has now been in the
limelight. Nowhere is the clash more visible than in China, where the
world's largest population faces pollution, deforestation and acid rain on a
large scale.

13   In   recent
the past  5 years, many  cities
people  have  been faced /plagued /troubled with
experienced/witnessed /undergone  the
a(n)  serious problem of
acute shortage of
alarming increase in

   13.1 In recent years many factories of our country have been faced with
the problem of how to make their workers more productive. Seeing many idle
workers smoking, chatting, or playing cards during the working hours, some
experts claim that the solution is to increase economic reward. Other people
feel that "the iron rice bowl" should be roughly smashed. But does mere
money lead to greater productivity?

   13.2 In recent years, China has experienced an alarming increase in
juvenile crime ------ that is, crime committed by individuals who haven't
come of age. Whether the category is murder or robbery, mugging or rape, the
story is the same: juvenile crime is on the rise. Our society has
traditionally treated the juvenile as a special kind of offender, one who
warrants punishment different from that given to an adult, even though the
crime may be the same. Now it is time we asked ourselves: Does the treatment

14   One of the  searching
interesting questions
problems facing
confronting our nation
world today is ...

   14.1 One of the basic questions facing our society today is: What promise
or threat does new technology hold for our global future? Since the
decisions our society makes about technological development will undoubtedly
have tremendous consequences in the years to come, it is urgently necessary
to explore this question, especially by examining science and technology in
their relationship to the development of humanity.

   14.2 It has become apparent to us that one of the biggest problems
confronting our Chinese education today is the increasing vocationalization
of our colleges and universities. Throughout the country schools are under
economic pressure to become job-training centers and employment agencies.
All courses are geared to cater to the business needs.

15   One of the  biggest issues
hottest topics
most popular things
most serious problems  many people  talk
complain  about now is...

   15.1 One of the most popular topics many city residents talk about now is
the tide of the rural poor flooding the cities. They complain that the
migrants have brought crime and prostitution, that they are putting pressure
on population control and social order; that they are threatening to take
already scarce city jobs and exacerbating housing shortages; and that they
have worsened traffic and sanitation problems. True, these are the problems
posed by the migration, but what about the contribution the rural worker
have made to the city's development and prosperity?

   15.2 One of the best qualities that most people admire in others is the
willingness to admit one's mistakes. It is extremely hard sometimes to say a
simple thing like "I was wrong about that", and it is even harder to say, "I
was wrong, and you were right about that".

16  Now
Perhaps  most  dangerous
harmful for our  nation
college  is the  trend
phenomenon  of...which is  apparent
under way  in...

   16.1 Perhaps most dangerous for our nation now is the official corruption
which is rampant in nearly every field of our society. Once our officials
were content with television sets or imported cigarettes as payment for
official services, they now demand land rights, stock certificates, and even
directly dollars.

17   Inflation
Social inequality is yet another of the new and bitter truths we have to
learn to face  now.

   17.1 Cheating is yet another of the bitter truths we have to learn to
face now. It is so prevalent and so widely accepted that it becomes a way of
academic life. Even the mast gifted students, the one who presumably could
get good grades without cheating, are becoming the constant offenders.
Getting a good academic record and later a good professional career is the
most important goal and they will do anything they must to attain it.

18   A(n)  virtual epidemic
acute shortage
serious campaign of... is now under way in this  country.
society.  According to a recent
new study
survey , ...

   18.1 A virtual epidemic of pregnancies is under way in this nation's
teenage population. In 1993 alone 26270 babies were born to unwed teens.
Predictably, educators, parent groups and newspaper writers have responded
to this news with a clamor for more and better sex education. Indeed, that
is urgently necessary, but is sex education alone the whole answer?

19   Here and there
In city after city
At offices and plants across the  country
land , a(n)  growing
significant  number of....

   19.1 At offices and plants across the country, a growing number of
workers are jogging along the streets, playing tag-of-war, and doing
calisthenics on the pavements ------ all with the support and encouragement
of their employers. The company-sponsored physical-fitness programs are
benefiting both individuals and companies.

   19.2 Here and there across the country are coming reports that government
officials, even senior officials, have been punished for corruption. Some
were sentenced for taking bribes, others executed for embezzling funds. In
Beijing alone nearly 60000 civil servants were found guilty of corruption in
1993. Official corruption has increased greatly in the past five years in
only in scope but in magnitude.
京在 1993年就有6万多官员因贪污、贿赂而被判罪。在过去5年里,政府官员的腐败在

20  With the  rapid
marked  development /improvement /expansion of
increase /growth /decline in   .... /
20  With the  general
common recognition / realization / acknowledge ment of
commitment / devotion / dedication to
interest in / concern over / enthusiasm for   .... /
20  With ...  playing an Increasingly big role in
attaching much importance to  ..., more and more

   20.1 With the prospect of coal and petroleum supplies being depleted and
with air pollution becoming an increasing concern, more and more countries
are now seeking alternative sources of energy. Among them is nuclear power
whose environmental advantages over coal and oil is increasingly recognized.

   20.2 With a domestic market of 12 billion increasingly prosperous
consumers and an economy that grows by an impressive 12--14 percent each
year, China is now becoming a huge magnet for more and more foreign business

21   Nowadays
Recently   there is a  growing / unhealthy tendency to / in / that
general / deep-seated belief in / that
general / uneasy feeling of / against / that
growing / nation-wide recognition of / that
growing / general awareness of / that
deep / serious concern over / for / that
deep / keen interest in
growing / great demand for
growing / great enthusiasm for / among sb  ...

   21.1 Now there is a growing concern over the heavy burden, both academic
and psychological, our children have to bear. After a day's study in school,
they bring a lot of assignments back home and work them until midnight. They
play few games and go to few movies. They have been so obsessed with grades
and marks that they have hardly had time to savor the life and grow as
well-rounded people.

   21.2 Nowadays there is an immense and justified pride in what our
colleges and universities have done. At the same time, however, there is a
growing uneasiness about their products. These young men and women who carry
away our degrees are attractive, energetic and eloquent. But what about
their intellectual equipment?

   21.3 In the past decades there has been a persistent demand in many
countries for a conceited attack to deal with worldwide pollution. In many
places, under pressure from private citizens and leaders in science and
technology environmental organizations have sprung up to voice their
opinions and to try and face the problem. It is increasingly recognized that
pollution doesn't only pose a pervasive threat to the human environment, but
also challenge the survival of man himself.

22 In recent few years
the past few decades , there is
has been a
22 sharp/ marked / sudden / dramatic increase / growth/ rise / decline in
astonishing / increasing / sizable number / percentage/ proportion /
population of
22 According to a(n) recent
official study
poll  , ...

   22.1 In recent years, there is an increasing number of people, especially
young people, who show little interest in correcting social inequalities and
injustices. According to a national poll last year, eighteen to
twenty-nine-year-olds agreed by large percentages that young people today
are "less idealistic" and "more selfish", and that they are less concerned
with the problems of society than with their own personal future.

   22.2 In the past 5 years there has been a marked decline in the number of
young married couples who want to have children, coupled with a growing
trend toward delayed childbearing. According to official statistics, in
1993, about 28 percent of married couples with wives under 35 gave to birth
to children, compared with the 1983 level of 8 percent.

23  Any visitor to this  city
country  ... would almost inevitably  deduce / draw his conclusion
be surprised / struck / impressed  by the fact....

   23.1 Any visitor to this city would be almost surprised by the severe
shortages and shortcomings in the elementary municipal services despite its
economic growth. Schools are old, hospitals are few and understaffed.
Transportation is overcrowded, and streets are narrow and filthy. Parks and
playgrounds are insufficient.

24  Whenever you  see
find  ... you cannot help being  struck
impressed  by ...
at ...

   24.1 Whenever we visit a terminally ill patient, we cannot help being
struck by his eagerness to know the truth about his condition. He does not
only suffer from his illness, but also from the anxiety about its potential
outcome. Although telling him the truth may risk destroying his hope, so
that he may deteriorate faster, perhaps even commit suicide, a dying person
has the right to know his condition and to make informed choice concerning
his own health.

   24.2 Whenever we read suggestions of some recent scientific and econimic
research that the curves for food demand and food supply will cross in a
maximum of 60 years, and that by then, man's overpopulation, increasing
pollution, and the diminishing food supply could threaten to end human life
on our planet, we could not help wondering what steps man could take to
ensure his survival and avoid such extinction.
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