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  Because you, I believe in fate, perhaps all this are doomed to heaven, having a Mianmianzhizhong traction. Now I want to say is that I Shangbeizi--what is built Nie ah? !


  Also known as the bricks and mortar boards infants bricks, the old Beijing is the most characteristic of the cultural heritage of one of a lethal strong, and easy-to-carry concealed, not weapons, and other characteristics--shoot you use the most appropriate!


  Psychological test: If you and the coward race, you want to: 1 you run fast; as fast; you coward slower than… answer: you than beasts also a beast; you are beasts; beast than you! Happy April Fool's Day!


  Notice: April Fool's Day approaching, on April 1 you receive text messages are bogus, meaning exactly opposite, please pay attention. Following is the first: You are handsome styles Yushulinfeng beauty of the blossoming devil build lover!


  Shaceng said: I have 16 change! Journey said: I have 32 change! Wukong said: I am 72 changed! In his Tang Seng: Nishi on the treatment, you change a phone call, I saw how other people look at monsters with phone messages? Happy April Fool's Day!


  After dinner seven Commandment: I quit smoking, quit immediately eat two fruits, three ring relaxed belt, the four immediately quit drinking, Wujiebaibu walk, bathe immediately quit six, seven quit immediately to sleep! Journey: Remember?


  Some people see you today, you still as charming, wearing a checked vest, Manyouyou to walk, a detached look comfortable, it is lovely to that. You really do not know how that is Saiguo rabbit?


  You stand in the crowd were white from the wind and the long hair, as the most beautiful melodies world, in my mind Zhou, I want to say: You have to drop a wig…… But today April Fool's Day!


  You find one you love deserves the love, I not understand you and your feelings, I know that some things can not reluctantly, not some distance beyond, like yesterday, I could not believe that in order to root bones tell people you go!


  In my eyes, you will always be looked carefree, and eating with relish is always, sleep is always Hanran sleep…… I really envy you know, Oh! Sometimes think, as you do so pigs are very good!


  Yesterday, it was see you, as you are charming, wearing a checked vest, Manyouyou to walk, a detached look comfortable, it is very cute, then you really do not know is how Saiguo rabbit。


  If a mistake was pretty, I have make a big mistake if the crime is a smart, I have committed heinous crimes, Zhennan life! But you Jiuhaola both right dead crimes, really envy you!


  Toads pursuit of swans, swan disdain said: If I as long as you die! HAMA against: the pig also live good? After listening to pigs, feel aggrieved: I just look at messages, I move Sheire Who?


  If you look ugly, call 110 if you build well, call 120 if you temper bad, call 119 if you feel beautiful, call my cell phone and elaborated……


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