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  注意 pay attention to

  继续作某事 keep (on) doting (来源:www.EnglishCN.com)

  好像 as if

  自信 self-confidence

  自信的 self-confident

  自大的 self-important

  自助的 self-service

  自给自足的 self-sufficient

  自学的 self-taught

  一般的 in general

  确信 be sure of

  习惯于 become accustomed to

  抱怨 complain about

  说实话 tell the truth

  说谎 tell a lie

  适用于 apply to

  处理 deal with

  依赖于 depend on

  必修课 a required course

  同…相处 get along with

  考虑 think about

  日复一日 from day to day

  从始自终 from beginning to end

  每况愈下 from bad to worse

  减速 slow down

  在使用中 in use

  不再使用 out of use

  免费入场 admission free

  免所得税 free of income tax

  免费获得某物get sth. free

  再步行一段路即可到达的距离之内 within walking distance

  探知,查明 find out

  得到以下结论 come to the conclusion that

  得出结论 draw a conclusion

  交通高峰时间 rush hours

  交通拥挤 traffic jams

  援助计划 aid program

  视觉教具 visual aids

  助听器 hearing-aid

  捏粘土 work clay

  揉面团 work dough

  一定数量的 a certain amount of

  大量地 in large amounts

  小额地 in small amounts

  优于 be superior to

  劣于 be inferior to

  把…与…相混合 mix…with…

  把…与…分开 separate…from

  把…分成 separate…into

  用尽 use up

  表现了…的特点 be characteristic of

  究竟,到底 on earth

  五大湖区 the Grate Lakes region

  通知某人某事 inform sb of sth.

  利用 take advantage of

  准备某事 be ready to do sth.

  很容易拿到 within easy reach

  够不到 out of reach

  想出,熟思 think out

  在人力方面 in terms of manpower

  在理论上 in terms of theory

  投资于 invest in

  以…代替… replace…with…

  创新进步innovational advances

  大波动 major fluctuations

  领导,带头 take the lead

  成群,大批 in a swarm

  一大群蚂蚁 a swarm of ants

  生产资料 means of production

  大量购买 buy in bulk

  参考书 reference book

  面对…困难 come up against

  利息率,利率 the interest rate

  货币市场 money market

  企业投资支出 business investment expenditure

  不愿做某事 be reluctant to do

  和…联系在一起 be associated with

  与…有关系 be related to

  归因于 ascribe to

  规模经济 economies of scale

  以空前的速度 at an unprecedented rate

  换句话说 to put it in somewhat different words

  成功地做成某事 succeed in doing sth

  压出,榨取 squeeze…out of

  每一单位投入 every unit of input

  多于,超过 in excess of

  过渡 to excess

  在非常有利的条件下 under extremely favorable conditions

  优于,胜过 be superior to

  劣于,次于 be inferior to

  在春末 in late spring

  企图做某事,尝试做某事 attempt at doing sth

  攻击,袭击attempt on

  拆开,拆散 take sth apart

  国民生产总值 Gross National Product (GNP)

  生产性投资 productive investment

  与…并驾齐驱 keep pace with

  由于…的原因owing to

  因…值得受到称赞 deserve credit for

  与…对照,与…对比 as opposed to

  外汇分配 foreign exchange allocations

  停止 leave off

  可自由支配的收入 disposable income

  对…负责 be responsible for

  准备,筹备 provide for

  到现在为止 as yet

  弥补 make up for

  政府支出 government expenditures

  消费支出consumption expenditures

  时间滞差 a time lag

  总计,合计 in the aggregate

  集中精力于 concentrate on

  与…有很大关系 have a lot to do with

  与…无关系 have nothing to do with

  逐渐获得,逐渐建立 built up

  免税 tax exemptions

  技术,技能 know-how

  擦去 wipe away

  辨别,区别 distinguish one thing from another

  建于…之上 be based on/upon

  独有的特权exclusive privileges

  独家代理权 exclusive agency

  商标 trademark

  商品名称 trade name

  同类卖价,批发价格 trade price

  关于 with respect to

  不管,不顾虑 without respect to

  公平交易 fair dealing

  使…与…相关联 attach…to…

  就…之限度,在…范围内 so far as

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