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  1、There are many elements constituting(组成) European Culture. (来源:EnglishCN.com)

  2、There are two major elements: Greco-Roman element and Judeo-Christian element.

  3、The richness(丰富性) of European Culture was created by Greco-Roman element and Judeo-Christian element.


  1、The 5th century closed with civil war between Athens and Sparta.

  2、The economy of Athens rested on(依赖) an immense(无限的)amount of slave labour.

  3、Olympus mount, Revived in 1896(当代奥运会)

  4、Ancient Greece(古希腊)‘s epics was created by Homer.

  5、They events of Homer‘s own time. (错)

  (They are not about events of Homer‘s own time, probably in the period 1200-1100 B.C.)

  6、The Homer‘s epics consisted of Iliad and Odyssey.

  7、Agamemnon, Hector, Achilles are in Iliad.

  8、Odysseus and Penelope are in Odyssey.

  9、Odyssey(对其作品产生影响)—→James Joyoe‘s Ulysses(描述一天的生活)。 In the 20th century.

  10、Drama in Ancient Greece was floured in the 5th century B.C.

  11、三大悲剧大师① Aeschylus

  《Prometheus Bound》—→模仿式作品 Shelly《Prometheus Unbound》

  ② Sophocles(之首)

  《Oedipus the King》—→ Freud‘s “the Oedipus complex” (恋母情结) —→ David Herbert Lawrence’s《Sons and lovers》(劳伦斯)447页

  ③ Euripides

  A.《Trojan Women》

  B.He is the first writer of “problem plays”(社会问题剧) 在肖伯纳手中达到高潮,属于存在主义戏剧的人物

  C.Elizabeth Browning called him “Euripides human”(一个纯粹的人)

  D.Realism can be traced back(追溯到) to the Ancient Greece.

  To be specific(具体来说), Euripides.

  12、The only representative of Greek comedy is Aristophanes. 18页

  Aristophanes writes about nature. —→浪漫主义湖畔派(The lakers)华兹华兹(新古典主义代表作家《格列夫游记》《大人国小人国》《温和的提议》用讽刺的写作手法)

  13、History (Historical writing)史学创作

  ※ “Father of History” —→ Herodotus —→ war(between Greeks and Persians)

  This war is called Peleponicion wars. 博罗奔泥撒,3


  ※ “The greatest historian that ever lived.” (有史以来最伟大的历史学家) —→ Thucydides —→ war (Sparta, Athens and Syracuse)

  14、The Greek historical writing writes mainly about wars.

  15、受希腊文化影响的传教士St. Paul. Democritus (Materialism)

  16、希腊文化中的哲学被基督教所吸收17、① Euclid‘s Elements解析几何

  It was in use in English schools until the early years of the 20th century. (历史地位)

  ② Archimedes

  His work not only in geometry几何学,but also in arithmetic算术, machanics机械, and hydrostatics.流体静力学

  选择:Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world.谁的理论(Archimedes)

  18、Architecture古希腊建筑三大风格temple—→Parthenon帕特农神庙① The Doric style

  is also called masculine style. (宏伟的)

  but the Doric style is monotonous and unadorned (单调)

  is sturdy (坚强的), powerful, severelooking (庄严肃穆) and showing a good sense of proportions and numbers.

  ② The Ionic style

  is also called the feminine style. (阴柔的)

  is graceful (优雅的) and elegant (优美的)。

  The Ionic style often shows a wealth of ornament. (装饰性)

  ③ The Corinthian style

  is known for its ornamental luxury. (奢侈)

  19、The famous temples: The Acrpolis at Athens and the Parthenon.

  20、The burning of Corinth in 146 B.C. Marked Roman conquest of Greece.

  21、The melting between Roman Culture and Greek Culture. (罗马征服希腊的标志)

  22、From 146 B.C., Latin was the language of the western half of the Roman Empire.

  Greek that of the eastern half.

  23、Both Latin and Greek belong to Indo-European language.

  24、The Roman writer Horace said “captive Greece took her rude conqueror captive”。

  25、The dividing range(分水岭) in the Roman history refers to 27 B.C.

  26、The year 27 B.C. Divided the Roman history into two periods: republic and empire.

  27、The idea of Republic can be traced back to Plato‘s republic.

  28、The land area of Roman empire reached its climax in 2 to 3 century.

  29、north: Scotland east: Armenia and Mesopotamia

  30、In the Roman history ,there came two hundred years of peaceful time, which was guaranteed(保证) by the Roman legions(罗马军团)

  31、In the Roman history, there came two hundred years of peaceful time, which was known as Pax Romana.(神圣罗马帝国)

  32、名解In the Roman history ,there came two hundred years of peaceful time, which was guaranteed(保证) by the Roman legions, it was known as Pax Romana

  33、The Roman Law protected(保护) the rights of plebeians (平民)。

  34、The important contribution made by the Romans to the European culture was the Roman Law.

  35、After 395,the empire was divided into East (the Byzantine Empire) and West.

  36、Cicero西赛罗he legal and political speeches are models of Latin diction拉丁语用词

  described as Ciceronian.西赛罗式的

  an enormous influence(巨大影响) on the development of European prose.(散文)

  37、Julius Caesar commentaries批评论 “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

  38、Virgil Aeneid 阿尼德

  39、The pantheon was built in 27 B.C.

  The world‘s first vast interior space.世界上第一所最大的室内场所

  40、The Colosseum(大理石像) it‘s an enormous.露天的环形影剧院

  41、Sculpture(雕塑) She-wolf(母狼)

  42、The representation form of Greek Democracy is citizen-assembly.古希腊民主的表现形式

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