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C. 动词 wish 、 would rather (sooner) 、 if only 、 as if 后的虚拟语气。 (来源:英语杂志 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

I would rather he _____(buy) the house next year. 00\4

She treats me as if I ______ (be) a stranger. 02\10

The manager told us to be friendly to the visitors as if we _____( meet) them before. 01\4 had met

If only we ______(have) a phone! I m tired of waiting outside the public phone box.

D. in case, for fear that, lest 等词后从句的谓语动词为 (should) 原形。

He took his umbrella with him lest it _______rain.

E. 在 It is (high) time that 从句中谓语动词为过去时。

It s high time that we _______(take) firm measures to protect our environment.   F. 时间错综条件句。

4) 动词的非谓语动词形式

A. 动词不定式 主要考查动词不定式作定语、宾语、宾语补足语等的用法。还要注意动词不定式的被动式与完成式。

不定式作定语 If there is no choice, there is no decision ______(make)

不定式作宾语 Robots, already taking over human tasks in the automotive field, are beginning ________(see).(to be seen)

It has been proved that their best ideas seem _____(occur) when they were relaxing.

不定式作宾补 They were often compelled ______(work) twelve or fourteen hours a day.

B. 分词主要考查分词作定语、状语、宾语补足语的用法。注意现在分词与过去分词的区别。 另外,还有现在分词的被动式与完成式的形式。

分词作定语 Anyone ______(want) to understand the industry of the future will have to know about robotics.

As research techniques become more advanced, the number of animals _____(use) in experiments may decrease.

An organization is a group of people, and a decision ______(make) today may have consequences far into the future.

分词作状语 When ______(present) with a common case, sales managers tend to see sales problems and production managers see production problems.

________ (tell) that some guests were coming, she shopped all morning in the supermarket. (01\10 having been told).

Her body, with hands and feet _______(bind), was discovered by a traveler early in the morning. bound

分词做宾补 They may have their passports ______(remove), making leaving or “ escaping ” actually impossible.

动名词作宾语 If you cannot understand, ask “ Would you mind ______(rephrase) the question, please ? ”

If we don t start out now, we must risk ______(miss) the train.


The more time you waste, the _____(easy) it is to continue wasting time.(Easier)

We know that we are getting even older, and that the nearer a society approximates to zero population growth, the ______ its population is likely to be.

The ______(far) away we get from the earth, the thinner the air becomes.

As Jane was the _____(old), she looked after the other children in the family.02\10 (eldest )


The explorers were puzzled over what to do next because they were in a _____(trick)situation.

These electric appliances are all similar in construction but each one is _____(specialize) in its function.

 VI. 汉译英 (Translation from Chinese into English)


本题主要测试考生主动运用英语的能力。通常每个句子包含一个或一个以上的语法重点,如时态,被动语态,非谓语动词,复合句,虚拟语气,强调句,倒装句或某个常用词组。它共有五个汉语句子,要求译成英语,每句 3 分,共 15 分。


它的评分,参照如下标准译文理解正确,表达通顺,无语法大错,可给 3 分;译文理解正确,表达大部分通顺,有 1 个语法大错,可给 2 分译文理解正确,表达基本通顺,有 2 个语法大错,可给 1.5 分译文理解基本正确,表达一般,有较多的语病,可给 1 分;比第四等级更差的译句,不给分;拼写错误、用词错误等因素进行综合考虑,每句酌情扣 0.5 一 1 分。


1 .事先筹划,再来做题


然后动笔进行翻译。遣词造句过程中,要格外注意一些细节问题 1) 仔细斟酌、选用最能确切表达原文意思的英文单词或词组; 2) 名词的复数形式,动词的不规则变化,主谓语的一致性 3) 单词的拼写,标点符号,大小写,冠词的使用等。任何一个细节注意不到都可能出错丢分。

2 、灵活处理,提高把握


对句子的结构同样也可以灵活处理,有些没把握的结构,可以用比较有把握的结构来代替。例如,复合句没有把握,可以用两个简单句来表示;分词做状语没有把握,可以用状语从句来代替等等。比如这个由 10 人组成的委员会一致支持这一决定。

The panel/committee/board consisting of /

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