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词汇和结构选择填空题 (Vocabulary and Structure) (来源:英语杂志 http://www.EnglishCN.com)



二、 语法部分考试重点



1.名词 主要考查名词的数


either…or,neither…nor 搭配 ; few, a few, little, a little 的区别;other, another, the other, others的区别;

other 指另外的人或物;others 泛指别人,可与some 连用;the other 指两个中的另一个,常和one 连用;the others 表示其余所有的人或物;another 则泛指另一个。

Some pupils are reading the text loudly, while other students are doing their homework.

Some pupils are reading the text loudly, while others are doing their homework.

Mrs. Clark has two beautiful hats. One is red, the other is blue.

This suit doesnt fit me. Would you please show me another one?


序数词 the first, the second, the third, the forth…..

分数三分之二 , two thirds ;四分之三,three fourths ;

one hundred ,two hundred (正), two hundreds (误) ; hundreds of (正) , two hundreds of (误);

4.形容词和副词 比较级、最高级,以及比较句式


原级 比较级 最高级

good, well better best

bad, badly, ill worse worst

many, much more most

little less least

far farther, further farthest, furthest

old older, elder oldest, eldest

farther 与 further 都是far 的比较级和最高级,但是farther 指具体含义的“更远”, further指抽象含义的“更远”,有“进一步”的意思。 Elder 与eldest 也是old 的比较级和最高级,主要表示兄弟姐妹的长幼关系。


1). … as 形容词、副词原级 as …

The tree is as tall as the building.

He is as busy as before. 他还是像以前那样忙。

2) … as 形容词 (a) 名词 as …

Well give you as much help as we can.

He wants to be as great a scientist as Newton .

3) 表示倍数 倍数 as 原级 as

Fresh fruit costs twice as much as canned fruit. 新鲜水果的价钱比罐头水果贵一倍。

4) … not as /so 原级 as …

Im not so experienced as you think.

I havent made as much progress as I should. 我没有取得应有的进步。

I dont sing popular songs half so well as you. 我唱流行歌曲还没有你一半好。

(not) more/less/fewer … than (不)比 …更

no more … than 与…同样不

5) 比较级 than

This bed is more comfortable than the other. 这张床比那张要舒服。

She goes to school earlier than the other classmates. 她上学比其他同学都早。

注意 比较级前可加表示程度的状语,如a little, a bit, slightly, a lot, by far, somewhat等。

This room is far/ much cooler than that one. 这间屋子比那间要凉快得多。

6) the 形容词比较级… ,the 形容词比较级 表示越…就越 …

Actually, the busier he is, the happier he feels. 事实上,他越忙越高兴。

According to Dr. Krammer, _______ people who appear in your dreams, ______ you are on awakening.

A. as many … as happy B. the more … the more happy

C. the more … the happier D. the most … the happiest


主要掌握介词与某些其他词的固定搭配关系, 考前要重点复习上册第 12单元和下册第7单元的语法讲解和语法练习,书后所附的词组表也是复习的重点。

常考的介词搭配如 as to, as for, substitute for, lay aside, in terms of ; result in, result from, as a result of, be concerned about / be concerned for, rely on, live on, lie in, consist of, be satisfied with, look up, in addition to, regardless of, despite, in spite of, contribute to, at least,in terms of, in accordance with, in line with, except, except for, due to, owing to, vary from …to , attach to, be irrelevant to, distinguish …from, 等等。

6.动词 主要考查动词的时态、语态、语气和非谓语动词及情态动词。情态动词 have done 的形式。

You neednt ______ him about this since he could find out for himself.

A. tell  ??

B. be telling

C. have told 

D. have to tell

Lots of empty beer bottles were found under the young mans bed; he _____ heavily.

A. must have drunk

B. must drink 

C. should drink 

D. had to drink

_______ they began to get down to business.

A. The holidays are over 

B. The holidays were over

C. The holidays being over 

D. The holidays had been over

7.句法 重点是各种从句以及倒装句、强调句的用法。考前要重点复习上册第 15、16、17、19、20单元的语法讲解例句和语法练习。

主语从句 what, that 区别; 例如It is becoming increasingly clear to policy –makers _______ schools cannot solve all the problems of the larger community.

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